Our Services

1. Tree pruning: tree pruning is performed at different regions of the tree, and it helps to determine the shape that your tree will take and how it will grow.

2. Tree trimming: is considered as giving your tree a hair cut. Is cutting the outside of it.

3. Tree removal: the top five reasons to remove a tree are:

  • Dying, Diseased, Structural Failure
  • Damaging to Structures
  • Construction Renovations
  • Storm Damage
  • Liability Issues & Maintenance

4. Lot clearance

5. View enhancement

6. Stump grinding

7. Planting

8. Deep root fertilization

9. Root pruning

10. Cabling and bracing

11. Arborist consultation and full tree diagnosis

24 hours emergency tree service
(415) 259-1833

We offer full city trees maintenance:

  • Tree trimming for city compliances (clearance for cars, pedestrians and buildings),
  • Root pruning: which prevents damage to city street sidewalks and house foundations,
  • And pedestrians injuries due to damage on sidewalks related to tree works.

Warning ! Fines in San Francisco are more than $1000 fine per tree due to improper pruning. All our trimming is done by ISA standard and follow San Francisco city tree pruning regulations to help you avoid fines.

Friendly and professional staff.

Insured, PL/PD Workers Comp

CSL # 1016118

Phone: (415) 297-5856 or (415) 259-1833 (Office)

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San Francisco, Marin

What our customers have said:

I encourage my clients to call Nigel´s Tree Service when they want a fair and honest estimate on tree removal.” - Patricia Oxman (Broker, Marin County).